Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Wizard Magazine

Its great to have your work mentioned in print. I couldn't resist posting this. Check out Wizard Magazine issue #210 for a great article on fan made trailers. There's some excerpts from an interview I did with a writer at Wizard Magazine.

My lifes been a bit mad lately but I've got about 2-3 trailers in the works.
The first one is a (very tongue in cheek) trailer for a low budget irish movie called Fatal Deviation. Its just a simple edit job, no effects. Check out the actual full movie on youtube. It's priceless!

The other two trailers I won't mention right now, but they are more along the lines of Thundercats in that they have visual effects. I don't expect to have them completed until at least the summer.
See you at Watchmen IMAX this weekend!


  1. Hey congrats on the mention, You honestly deserve it. Keep up the good work...and since I'm first can I get a hint as to what your working on? :-). Thanks!

  2. Thanks Luvmy91hub.
    The new ones I'm working on 2 based on 80's toons. It's kind of hard to choose which to finish first.